Commission Requests

Have a special request for Antony?  Maybe you have your own drift wood, that you would like enhanced and put on a wall or floor stand?

Or you have a dream wood feature for your house that you want custom made? Like that dream bar? Or sun deck? Or tree house for the kids to play in?

Or you have some memories you want framed in wood that will match your home’s decor?

Antony would be delighted to speak to you about building any of the following for you:

  • Personalised driftwood decor
  • Personalised children’s wall art, like names for their doors
  • Personalised signs
  • House decks, patio roofs, bars
  • Furniture, coffee tables, lamps, cocktail tables, side tables
  • Custom boxes (for jewellery, storage, keep-sake boxes, plant boxes)
  • Frames for pictures, paintings and photos
  • Tree houses– for kids and adults
  • Garden wishing wells, bird feeders and bird houses, windmills

He’s even open to hearing your unique requests and seeing how he can create it.

Contact Antony to discuss a commission of your choice.