Antony of Antz CreationsWood finds Antony, often when he is walking in nature, or working on a site.  Friends also have a way of bringing him pieces.

“The wood speaks to me,” and Antony listens and then polishes, mounts, strips and rebuilds, paints, varnishes, and creates his creations.

All the items that Antz creates are from reclaimed, recycled or repurposed wood.  And occasionally he even dabbles with rocks and metal.

He builds decks for his house, furniture and tree houses. And his prize features are his bar and cabinets to display his Jack Daniel’s collection.

One day he plans to build his dream house – in a tree.

Antony currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, and when he’s not listening to wood to create his creations, he’s riding his bike, fixing his cars, or hiking with friends.